in our shop on 415 thames, newport ri

we use the highest quality, natural ingredients.

we mix them in small batches with care and love

and transform them into the finest natural bath and body products

from lip balms and bath bombs to massage oils and unique gift baskets

fresh soap bars 

fresh soap bars 

Our Mission

cleaning the world one soap bar at a time

Our Commitment

to bring the highest quality, handcrafted bath and body products to our customers

to do it in the most efficient and earth friendly possible way




Our Story

for us Natural is a way of life. every product you find in our store is handcrafted in our workshop at our store in Newport  in small batches, using  highest quality natural ingredients and old world recipes

it all started with our quest for pure, natural skin care. That's when I re-discovered my grandmother's recipe for all natural, handmade soap. a soap she swore was the best in the world for your skin and your clothes. I remember when she used to make it in the summer and the bars of soap drying on the rack.  after some adaptation and experimentation our first bar of soap was born! it wasn't as pretty as the ones on our shelves now but by did it smell and feel good! our friends and family loved it so much they kept on asking for more and by the time we knew it we were hanging our OPEN sign in our shop downtown!

our products often have therapeutic benefits while others are simply fun!!that is it, plain and simple. no synthetics, no harmful chemicals, no bad stuff, no junk! enjoy the foam!

and if you are curious about soap making yourself stop in our soap making classes and learn and create some bars yourself!