Cleanse Yourself with All Natural Soap & Enjoy its Numerous Benefits

Perhaps you've grown tired of the mass-produced soaps that are available at drug stores. While such soaps are pretty good at cleansing the skin, they sometimes leave the skin feeling dry, flaky, and red from irritation. Many producers of commercial soap use detergents and other harsh chemicals in their products. Just think of it this way: would you scrub your body with the same solution you use to wash your clothes?

An article that appeared on wiseGEEK touted the benefits of using fragrant all natural soap from artisan producers like Newport Sea Foam Trading Co. The article went on to note that:

When choosing a natural soap, you should consider your skin type and condition, the ingredients in the soap, as well as its cost. If you want your natural soap to be organic, you may wish to check whether the ingredients used to make the soap are certified organic by a reputable certifying body. You may also want to consider the appearance and fragrance of the soap. Finally, you may want to think about whether you prefer a bar or liquid soap.

Research is extremely important if you want to select a product that will not only cleanse your skin, but will leave it smooth, glowing, and fragrant. The article further noted that, “If you are interested in using products that contain herbs or essential oils, you should read the ingredients label to determine a product’s formulation.” Essential oils by definition are extracts from certain plants that have proven benefits for the body.

On the other hand, the article raised some points about potential negative reactions on the skin. It noted, “If you are aware that your skin is sensitive, you may wish to choose a soap or cleanser that does not have any fragrances, essential oils, or herbs added to its formulation.” Consulting your dermatologist before using a product is your safest bet.

If soap bars aren't your thing, and you'd rather lather yourself with fragrant shower gels, you can    browse the website of artisan toiletry manufacturers or visit their stores to examine their products. Liquid soaps and cleansers do not require potentially drying ingredients in their formulation. For those who want to complete the experience, they can order luxurious bath soaps and lotions from notable artisan producers like Newport Sea Foam Trading Co that have colors and shapes that appeal to them and complement their bathroom décor.

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